Now shipping to 10 European destinations find out more

Now shipping to 10 European destinations find out more

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We are Apothem and we create luxurious CBD products with botanicals to help you connect with nature and lead a more balanced life every day.

Meet our products

We have created a contemporary collection of drops and skincare using only the highest quality, ethically sourced natural ingredients to get the very best results with each and every product designed to work with you and your body. All of our products are vegan, organically cultivated and cruelty free with no unnecessary fillers or additives and nothing there that shouldn’t be.

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We believe in the power of nature using pure CBD and precious botanicals to create our unique plant-based formulations. This means that every one of our natural ingredients has been carefully and lovingly selected ensuring every component in our products is there for a reason and is designed to work in harmony with each other.

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We've got high standards

We’re here to set a new standard in CBD and we plan on taking the industry with us. So, what does that mean for you?

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Meet the products: DAY DROPS

Close your eyes. Breathe. Our DAY drops were created to fit into the fabric of your life and transport you and your senses on a journey every time you take them. Stop, sniff, taste and feel. So, are you sitting comfortably? Take a moment and indulge us for a moment while we paint you a little picture…

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