A love letter to hemp, our eternal Valentine

Apothem CBD  - reasons why we love hemp plant

Dear Hemp, our eternal Valentine,

Although we love you all year round, it’s that time of year when we want to express why we think you're so special. Aside from all that you do to heal people with the benefits that you bring to the mind and body, here are more of the reasons why we truly love you:

1. You heal the planet

All plants absorb carbon dioxide, but you’re not like all the other plants… for every tonne of hemp produced, over 15 tonnes of CO2 are removed from the air. It’s proven that you absorb more CO2 per hectare than any other commercial crop. Thanks to your short growth cycle, you’re even more effective than trees, and once you’re harvested the CO2 is permanently bonded to the fibres, so it isn’t released back into the atmosphere.

2. You hold things together

Your roots are so deep they help hold the soil together and prevent one of the side-effects of modern farming: erosion. Unlike other plants, as well as taking nutrients, you also give them back – which makes us love you even more. Vital nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are worked back into the soil, to create a rich matter for new plants. Thanks to how fast you grow, you’re ideal for crop rotation – a key element in sustainable farming, as it reduces the need for pesticides and fertiliser which can contain harmful chemicals and wreak havoc on the environment.

3. You are innovative

Amongst everything else, you cultivate innovation. From more sustainable energy sources, to biodegradable materials – you’re pretty special. The biofuel you create releases much less CO2 into the atmosphere. Your stems are full of cellulose that can be used as a natural alternative to crude oil, taking away many of the problems that arise by using and creating petroleum-based plastic. Hempcrete is a sustainable alternative to concrete that releases about 80% less C02 into the atmosphere. When it comes to textiles, you require far less land and water than cotton, and we couldn't be prouder that you’re being embraced by inspirational brands like Patagonia.

Thanks for everything you do, and for just being you.

With love,



APOTHEM was born from a love for hemp and the potential the plant has for our world and people. All of our products use CBD sourced from organically cultivated hemp. CBD is found naturally in the leaves, stalks and stems of the plant, which is then extracted to be able to use in a variety of different ways. Read more about the benefits of hemp in our Honouring Hemp blog post.