APOTHEM x LAND CBD chocolate is bursting with natural creamy caramel and fudge flavour notes from the Venezuelan Puerto Cabello cocoa beans.

Why CBD and chocolate is the perfect pairing:

Thanks to chocolate's high lipid fat content, the absorption rate and effectiveness of CBD is enhanced. To put it in simpler terms: chocolate is the perfect companion to CBD as it helps us digest it better. And our blend between the cocoa bean (58%) and CBD (30mg) is fused in such a way that we get all the gorgeous chocolate flavours without any indicating notes of hemp. On top of this, the organically cultivated THC-free CBD provides a healthy does of calm and wellness (both CBD and chocolate directly connect to our nervous system in a positive way, triggering the endorphin ‘anandamide’ - the ‘bliss molecule’ that helps us unwind and feel calmer). 

With perfect pairings in mind, Chocolatier Phil Landers takes us through a taste exploration with his chosen food and drinks that complement our CBD Chocolate bar's complex flavour notes:


“Chai tea is the ultimate winter warmer... here, the warming spices blended with the smooth, sweet taste of our oat blended chocolate are a match made in heaven. As you sink into a sip of this heart-warming aroma, notice how the cardamom and clove notes bring out the natural creamy and fudge notes of the chocolate.”


“Take a bite of your bar with a couple of cranberries to appreciate the perfect balance between the slight tartness of the berry and the sweetness of the chocolate. You'll find that the light astringency of the Venezuelan cacao works in harmony with the punch of the cranberries, balancing the bitterness and leaving you with a harmonious bite.”


“You can't go wrong with a sweet-meets-salty flavour combination; it's a classic for a reason! These pretzels, smooth and crunchy studded with salt crystals, gently cut through the rich velvet texture of the chocolate. The salt from the pretzel compliments the rich flavours of the chocolate and gives the hint of salted caramel while adding a crunchy texture to the taste experience.”

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