Cosy night in with designer Zoë Jordan

Zoe Jordan fashion designer interview

The autumn equinox has arrived and with crisper mornings and falling bronzed leaves, it presents a sacred moment of balance: of day and night, light and dark, warmth and cold, activity and rest.  

We chatted with fashion designer Zoë Jordan (an equinox baby, no less!) about how she maintains balance in her life and, with autumn bringing on that nesting feeling like nothing else, what her essentials are for a cosy night in.

Your fashion collections are all about balancing contrasting forces; the androgynous with the feminine; the structured with the effortless. How do you maintain balance in your daily life? And how do you come back to yourself if you ever feel off-balance? 

Balance is tricky, and everyone has a different take. I give myself a lot more time now to do the things that I love. I live in a place I love to live, with a beautiful light that gives me so much energy, so those things help.

If I feel off-balance, I like to put down the phone and go for a stroll down to the sea, stick my feet in the sand and breathe in the air. It clears the mind in no time and helps me to prioritise.

I am also careful with what I drink and eat when I’m feeling a bit shaky. I keep away from any stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, and add a little extra vitamin B and magnesium, plus DEFENCE CBD drops.

You recently added some divine pyjamas to your collection. What does your bedtime routine look like and how would you describe your sleep story? 

Now we are going into autumn, I’ll be back on Epsom salt baths, fresh cotton pjs, novels, and sometimes the geek in me likes a crossword to tune out. For the best kind of zzzz’s, I also fire up my diffuser with frankincense and enjoy some drops of LIGHTS OUT CBD oil.

Organic cotton striped pyjamas and CBD sleep drops

With the temperature dropping and daylight shrinking, it’s not unusual to want to ‘hibernate’ and rest up - what are your essentials for a cosy night in?

Nice soup with a little spice, some tea and nuggets of dark chocolate. Maybe a game of cards with my tribe. Sometimes I play padel late and it’s hard to wind down with all the adrenalin pumping, so after this I’ll try and stretch and listen to a sound bath.

What are you currently reading, watching, or listening to that’s inspiring you?

I have a subscription to Masterclass - an online teaching platform where you learn from world-renowned experts - and I love scrolling through the people and courses on there, picking up new tips and inspiration.

I like to escape with a good novel and have recently been lost in ‘We Begin at the End’ and ‘Unsettled Ground’. On TV, I’ve been into ‘Call My Agent’, ‘Mare of Easttown’ and I’m also enjoying ‘Sex Education’.

What are you looking forward to welcoming in with this next cycle / season? 

It’s my birthday on the equinox in fact so I’m getting a herbal medicine course - I’m really excited to get learning and apply to our home life and beyond. I’ve already been working on some essential oil roller balls and hoping to get started on some candles for the brand soon.

Check out Zoë Jordan’s full collection to discover ultra-soft pyjamas and cosy knits to slip into this Autumn.

Zoe jordon pyjamas and fallen petals

While the Autumn Equinox is a beautiful thing, the changing seasons can also disrupt our body clock and sleep cycles. Help your body adjust to this season of rest and recuperation with our top sleep tips here and find support through the seasons with our award-winning CBD for SLEEP Collection.