Navigating the seasons with Charlotte Townend

Charlotte Townend is a London-based yoga teacher and mother to young daughter, Savannah. As the seasons change, we speak with Charlotte about how she keeps balanced during times of transformation, her sleep story, and her exciting new venture Wylder Wellness

Charlotte Townend Yoga in Downward Dog

We often find that as the nights draw in it’s harder to convince ourselves to exercise. How do you stay motivated to move through the winter months? 

I find that routine is most important to stay motivated. Remembering why you exercise and how you feel after always helps. Also making new Spotify playlists.

The same can happen with our diet, it can be so easy to fall into bad habits. How do you adapt your diet to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs in this darker and colder period? 

My boyfriend and I will try to add as many vegetables as possible to all our meals through the winter months. If a recipe includes 2 - 3 veggies, we'll throw in 6! We love shopping at our local farmers market on the weekends for a good variety of fresh produce.

Charlotte Townend Yoga Retreat Menorca Dining Table

We’re coming into the festive social season – how do you maintain your balance and keep stress down during this period? 

The best way to keep my mind at ease is to exercise. I'll usually run and practice yoga consistently as these two combined work wonders for my mind - making me feel relaxed and focused for work, personal life and just general hectic London living! 

The festive season is so much fun but over the years I’ve learnt the importance of fitting in time to do whatever I need to do to clear the mind. Everyone needs and deserves this time to themselves to refocus, recoup and recharge in order to begin again. 

I've also recently started taking the Apothem DEFENCE drops morning and night, and I've already started to notice a difference to my state of mind and sleeping patterns - I'll definitely carry on taking these through the festive season!

Aside from CBD, what other supplements do you take? Do you have a routine or any non-negotiables? 

I take a few vitamins every morning religiously:

- Vitamin B & Vitamin D as I eat mostly plant based & non-dairy meals (I do eat meat and dairy but on the very rare occasion)

- Magnesium for energy levels, better sleep, and tired muscles

- Turmeric for my skin

What is your sleep story, and do you have any tips for getting a more restful night’s sleep?  

So, sleep for me is a big topic of conversation at home right now! My boyfriend and I have a baby girl so getting a good nights’ sleep is pretty much impossible! But in order to get as much sleep as we can, we will eat a healthy, light dinner and we'll go to bed really early. We both listen to the Calm app… we take CBD drops… we use a pillow mist… and I like to wear a soft silk eye mask as well. We’re testing everything right now haha. Charlotte Townend Yoga Retreat Menorca

This year you hosted a retreat in Menorca, which looked divine! Do you have any exciting events coming up over the next few months?

Oh we had so much fun in Menorca! I have lots in store for 2022! I’m currently in the process of building my new wellness brand 'Wylder Wellness’ which will host 3 retreats next year: Comporta, Menorca (again) and Ibiza. I’m really looking forward to next year :) 

Charlotte Townend Yoga Retreat Menorca Villa and Pool

You can find out more about Charlotte and her retreats on her website and on Instagram or @wylder.wellness.