Meet Haley, APOTHEM's Head of Product

Haley Fitzpatrick, Head of Product, APOTHEM LABS CBD.

How long have you been with APOTHEM and what were you doing before?

I joined APOTHEM in October 2019 and the time has flown by! Before APOTHEM, I headed up the product development teams for various skincare brands including This Works and Cowshed.

What’s your favourite part of product creation?

Trying the new formula submissions out. We don’t test our products on animals, but they are thoroughly tested on myself and the rest of the team at APOTHEM during development. It’s where all the hard work begins for me. You dream up a product in your head and then have to make it materialise with the desired effects.

What’s your biggest challenge working with Cannabidiol (CBD)?

The ever-changing regulations of CBD and also people’s perceptions of CBD. You are forever learning and using this knowledge to pass on to others. CBD is an incredible botanical and more people need to understand the benefits of using it for themselves.

What are your favourite plant-based botanicals, actives or supplements?

This is REALLY hard. There are honestly too many. I’ve grown up with and worked with Aromatherapy for most of my life so have been surrounded by the power of essential oils, which to this date still fascinates me.  It’s incredible what mother nature can offer and teach us with the power of plants and there’s a plant / botanical out there to help with anything you wish for.

We take product formulating seriously at APOTHEM and hold the highest standards, both for the hemp we use to create our CBD as well as the botanicals we blend it with. We’re also really diligent and thoughtful about which botanicals we blend together with a clear focus on botanical synergy’ – meaning each of our products contains a blend of plant extracts that are designed to work with each other and with our bodies. All of the botanicals we work with are superstars in their own right, including (and especially) the cannabis plant, hence it’s impossible to choose a favourite!

What other wellness brands do you love?

I’ve always been a fan of Aesop. I love the fragrances in their products, the packaging, they are a go to for me. Haeckels are really inspiring for sustainability and caring for the environment. I love how they cultivate their own ingredients and products are made to order. I love how the Nue Co embrace Ayurvedic traditions and use their teachings and herbs in their formulations. I also love tiny little indie brands; Australia and New Zealand really seem to be in the forefront of natural brands and products which are always interesting to keep an eye on.

What’s your favourite APOTHEM product?

APOTHEM DEFENCE CBD oil drops – a CBD x Botanical blend, supercharged with immune-boosting plant extracts. I have taken DEFENCE CBD drops since day one at APOTHEM. I haven’t been sick once since I joined the company - not one sniffle, cold, nothing. Be it the great environment I work in or the drops, you decide, but that’s proof enough for me that it works. They also really help ease my hayfever in the summer, which for me is priceless!

If you could win any award for APOTHEM, what would it be?

Ooh, good question. A CEW would be nice. I have one under my belt but another one would be good – they are the crème de la crème of beauty awards. To be honest, the best accolades are from people who’ve used our products and have taken the time to contact us to tell us about their experience. It’s always heart-warming and reinforces why I do what I do for a living.

What book would you recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of CBD and plant-based supplements?

Smoke Signals is a great book to understand the history of marijuana through loads of interesting facts. Another book I have to recommend is the Biohackers Handbook – we should all have a copy of this at home to dip in and out. There is so much to learn from it and so many great tips on how to improve your wellbeing so simply.


Haley of APOTHEM LABS CBD in front of campaign billboard for charity campaign with The Connor Brothers