A curation of APOTHEM gifts that not only make a difference to the people who receive them but also to those who helped create them or the charities that they support.


This year we are proud to have launched new collaborations to support mental health charity, CALM, as well as produce new ethically-sourced products that directly support the communities that created them. 



This vegan CBD chocolate blended with organically cultivated CBD, doesn’t just taste delicious it also creates meaningful impact for the communities and ecosystems at origin. 
Our chocolate making partner, LAND, envisions a world in which farmers, chocolate makers, and the environment prosper and thrive together, and in which cacao producers earn a living.
The team works as directly as possible with farmers and pays them at least double the Fairtrade price for their cocoa. This allows LAND to create a quality product whilst also helping build a sustainable future for the cocoa farmers. 



Our "Call Me Anything But Ordinary” tote bags are made with fairly-traded organic cotton and sustainably sourced from the social enterprise re-wrap. Sales of these eco-friendly bags support both suicide prevention charity CALM (30% donation from each sale) as well as the efforts of re-wrap, whose aim is to create sustainable livelihoods for rural women where employment opportunities are limited, to help them gain economic independence.




Our signature DAY CBD OIL DROPS in 60ml are a gifting fave but when you throw in limited edition packaging from London artists The Connor Brothers and a donation to support CALM charity, it makes this gift even more special. With a 30% donation from every bottle sold, each gift of DAY CBD OIL DROPS contributes towards up to 8 potentially life-saving calls from suicide prevention charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).