How to stay healthy this Autumn by Lola Ross

Guest Author: Lola Ross

date: 18 October 2019

How to stay healthy this Autumn

To stay healthy as the seasons shift, we need a strong robust immune system. We are exposed to millions of microbes each day, which our bodies are designed to respond to accordingly, but as intelligent as our immune system is, it can become more vulnerable with environmental changes such as colder weather, to poor diet, or to internal shifts such as chronic stress, which can contribute to dips in our health and wellbeing.

How to protect your immune health

Protecting immune health, starts with an integrative food and lifestyle approach that incorporates diet, activity, stress reduction and supplements in some cases. Keeping nourished with whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and plenty of hydrating water, can provide the basics that the body needs for optimal immunity.  

It's all about balance

Whatever the weather, it is vital to keep your body moving each day. Activity helps to keep oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood circulating to immune cells, and the right amount of exercise has a protective effect on the body. However, over- exercising can lower immunity by impairing the inflammatory response, resulting in immune dysregulation, making you more prone to colds and other illnesses, so balance is key.

Why Vitamin D is key

Colder, wetter days can make staying indoors much more appealing, but daily exposure to daylight encourages vitamin D synthesis in our skin - an important regulator of immune function; so try to incorporate outside time during daylight hours as much as possible.

How Lola prepares for the Autumn chill

I adjust to the change in seasons with daily sunlight, warming plant-based stews, plenty of water to stay hydrated and including more fermented and prebiotic foods to support my microbiology. When it comes to supplements for autumn, immune-specific formulations can be a simple way to give the body that extra bit of protection.


I was asked to exclusively try DEFENCE DROPS by Apothem ahead of their launch this October. Their pure CBD and botanical blend is powered by the anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions of ginger, olive leaf, echinacea and vitamin C-rich elderberry. Shiitake mushroom extract is added for extra protection as the therapeutically active polysaccharides found in shiitake have been shown to support our white blood cells; and may strengthen our inner defences. This expert formulation also contains zinc, the mineral which plays a vital role in many immune responses and has an antioxidant to protect cellular health

Incorporating the DEFENCE DROPS into my daily routine is super easy and something I can do on the go, taking just 5-6 drops of the oil under the tongue. The Apothem CBD itself is a pure isolate and does not have the bitterness that other CBD products can have, instead this blend has a smooth, slightly sweet taste. DEFENCE is a gorgeous, CBD and botanical product that combines gentle nervous system support with some of nature’s most potent immune boosters, so it’s been a welcome addition to my supplement cabinet as we ease into the colder season.


Thanks to Lola Ross, a member of our Apothem Board of Experts, Nutritionist and Co-founder of @moodymonth, for writing this piece on Autumn wellness and reporting on her own experience of using our Apothem DEFENCE DROPS.