Sleep, CBD & Finding Balance with India Sehmi

India of @theindiaedit holding APOTHEM Lights Out CBD oil drops

As well as working as Associate Director at influencer innovation company, rewardStyle, India Sehmi runs three Instagram accounts (@theindiaedit, @themirroredit and @theinteriorsedit) and a blog showcasing everything from fashion to travel to lifestyle. A powerhouse of a woman, India speaks to APOTHEM about finding balance in busy times and making the best of her day – regardless of how she’s slept the night before.

Managing three Instagram accounts and a blog, as well as working a full-time job is a lot to balance! What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually wake up around 6.30 and snooze for 10 mins before scraping my tongue, using some mouthwash and sitting up in bed to meditate for 20 minutes. I then get up, brush my teeth and head out on a half an hour walk getting home around 8. Once showered and dressed for the day I start work around 9 and make a cup of tea. Breakfast is usually some seeded bread with peanut butter and raspberries. I work till lunch at 1, often nipping to the door to receive parcels and then take an hour-long break. Usually, I’ll post on my Instagram at lunch, have a nice meal and play some Scrabble with my boyfriend on his iPad. 

Work continues until about 6 and I’ve gotten into the bad habit of staying at my laptop till 10ish recently with so much work on. I answer blog emails and take quick photos throughout the day if I can, between work stuff, but lots often builds up into the evening. I’ll break to post on my Instagram, pop the radio on, cook dinner and ideally do some Pilates if I haven’t done some after my morning walk. When work is less busy, I’ll usually get stuck into a series. Then it’s time to take APOTHEM Lights Out CBD oil drops, do my skincare routine and head to bed around 10.30. 

That sounds super productive! When it comes to the evening, how do you switch off or have down time? Do you find it difficult after having so much on during the day?

From the above you can probably tell that I am not very good at this! My podcast walks, meditation and Pilates are probably the most consistent things. I also love cooking, TV, reading magazines and calling (and hopefully meeting soon!) friends and family.

When it comes to bedtime, what’s your sleep story? Are you a night owl or are you blessed with being able to drift off straight away?

I actually really don’t like going to bed - I wish I did. I find going to sleep so boring, so I often procrastinate a lot. My boyfriend hates that about me! In the winter I love to pop my electric blanket on whilst I brush my teeth so it’s like climbing into a warm hug - it definitely makes it more appealing. More often than not I drift off pretty easily, but my mind will usually race a little to begin with. I’ve been having some odd dreams during the various lockdowns. One thing I cannot sleep without is a pillow between my legs - that is a must for me!

There’s so much focus these days about getting a good, restorative night’s sleep, but sadly the reality is that there are times when this just doesn’t happen. If you find you haven’t had the best night’s sleep, what do you do to make a morning brighter?

Meditation and movement and brushing my teeth are non-negotiables for me. No matter how I wake up feeling those make me feel better, even if I don’t want to do them! Movement is either Pilates or a walk with a podcast. If I really want to perk up, then putting on a great song and dancing around for a few minutes is a sure-fire way to boost my mood!

Are there any supplements or products that you use, aside from CBD, that help with bringing balance into your life, or give you the freedom to live better?

I’ve always struggled with weak digestion, so I take a probiotic, lavender supplement and aloe vera juice to aid that. It makes the world of difference. Outside of that I mix up what I take - B12, Vitamin D, energy and skin supplements. It can be tempting to take one for everything, but my digestive ones I am most consistent with!

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