Celebrate Womanhood with Pippa Melody

Pippa Melody and CBD

We had the pleasure of working alongside model and creative, Pippa Melody, for our campaign with charity CALM and The Connor Brothers – CALL ME ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY. The campaign reflected on celebrating our differences. This time, we talk to Pippa about celebrating womanhood, and making subtle differences in life to give you the chance, and the freedom, to live better.

Often the focus of ‘being a woman’ is on the downfalls, rather than celebrating the beautiful aspects of womanhood. What is your favourite thing about being a woman?

Being a woman feels powerful! I love all of my relationships with women, and I think there’s something really special about the love between a woman and her girlfriends! Being part of a community and the fact that there’s going to be at least one thing we all share, or have in common, is magical to me.

We believe it’s all about the little changes you make to your daily life, that can give you that freedom to live better. What does ‘freedom to live better’ mean to you?

To me, taking the time to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and realising that so much of that freedom comes from within is the key.

Are there any tips or techniques you apply to your life that give you that freedom to live better?

I try to be as present as I can and take time to just ‘be’. I use Palo Santo sticks when I’m feeling stressed to ease my mind, and baths have become a big part of my calming rituals to soothe the soul!

What's your favourite CBD product and what do you use it for?

I regularly use APOTHEM CBD Oral Drops to bring some calm and balance, especially when I feel a little overwhelmed. I’ve also noticed that the drops help ease my period pains too. 

How do you incorporate CBD into your routine? 

I’m very into my self-care, whether that be cleansing my face, going on a walk or listening to sleep meditations. The APOTHEM CBD drops fit into my routine perfectly. I take a few drops under the tongue, helping me to unwind during stressful days and whenever I need a little extra help to relax my body and mind before bed.

What aspect of your life has CBD oil had an impact on?

My stress levels and feelings of being overwhelmed. 

You mentioned using CBD oil during your time of the month, what else do you use to help alleviate discomforts?

Hot water bottles, lots of cups of tea and ibuprofen, heating gel and baths!

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