When looking for a partner to create our first edible CBD product, LAND Chocolate was our first, second, and third choice. It’s been an absolute dream working with chocolatier Phil and learning about his craft as he discovered more about ours.

Phil’s bean-to-bar process maintains the integrity and complexity of the flavour profile of the Venezuelan cacao with absolutely no compromises in our premium CBD chocolate bar. We couldn’t be happier with the end result of this oat-based dairy-free rich chocolate blended with our organically cultivated hemp-CBD.  Discover more about the bar and Phil’s suggested taste pairings here. 


LAND Chocolate began life in 2016 in the backstreets of London’s East End. Founder and Chocolate Maker Phil Landers had honed his skills under some of the most respected names in chocolate such as Paul. A Young and Mast Brother before deciding to step out on his own.

In a former furniture-makers workshop in Bethnal Green, LAND was born with the aim of producing hand-crafted, premium quality bean-to-bar chocolate that would champion the world’s finest cacao and the people that grow it. From these humble beginnings, LAND has won numerous awards and is enjoyed across the globe - from Paris to Tokyo, and of course, down the road in Bethnal Green where it all began.

Both APOTHEM and LAND exist around a love of one hero plant – the world’s finest CACAO and HEMP – and are passionate about honouring the essence of these botanical ingredients in the purest and simplest ways.