LIGHTS OUT ON 2020: To new beginnings

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We’re not going to preach about New Year resolutions, but we are all for taking some time to pause, celebrate, let the imagination run wild, and think about what seeds to plant for the future.

It’s time to have some fun with creating new rituals – small ways to bring joy, freedom, and peace into our lives - so we asked some friends of APOTHEM how they’re getting creative to see in this New Year with a difference: 

Davinia Taylor, Biohacker:

 "Cold water exposure!! I'll find a river or a lake in Lancashire to welcome the new year with every hormone in my body!"

Richard O'Gorman, Interior Stylist:

 "I moved into Househomo just before lockdown so the last 9 months have been a real love affair between me & the house, so I'm going to spend it here alone, maybe order some takeout, play piano and dance the night away...I did the same for my birthday this year and it was probably the best birthday of my life! 

Also my Mum has this ritual where she lights a candle and opens the back door to let the old year out - with the year we've had we're gonna need an Olympic torch ha  - but I'm definitely going to bring that ritual to Househomo as a beautiful way to usher in the new year."

Sharleen Spiteri, Musician:

"New Year is going to be a roaring fire, nourishing homemade curry, and cosied up with a film ( The Apartment)."

Zac Des, Entrepreneur:

"This New Year's Eve is going to be very different! But on New Year's Day at the break of dawn I'll be out on a country run to start the year off on a high. There is nothing better! And I'll probably smother myself in Recharge CBD cream after it!"

We're loving all of these simple pleasures to close out the year! As we leave 2020 and welcome what the new year brings, our rituals at APOTHEM have also included some creative reflection. There's a lot to learn from looking back (even on a year like 2020) so we've included a few of our favourite tips for reflecting: 

  • Choose a method of reflection that’s right for you.  Writing in a journal isn't for everyone so try alternative methods like audio journaling or art journaling.
  • Learn from the bad stuff as well as the great stuff. Sometimes it feels easier to only focus on the positives, but while so much of this year’s happenings were out of our control, it’s a good time to reflect on how you reacted and dealt with all of the unexpected twists and turns of the year. 
  • There’s no rush to set goals. Reflections don’t have to directly translate into goals and a list of resolutions that weigh on your mind. Give yourself time to exhale, celebrate, and integrate what you’ve learned and reflect on the way that you think about goals. 

To new beginnings!

With love,