Pearl Lowe and apothem CBD

The pandemic lockdowns have brought both challenges and positive changes to many people’s lives. We chat to Pearl Lowe about her experiences over the past year and what’s she’s hopeful about moving forward.

How would you describe your lockdown experience?

We have just purchased a little beach house, so lockdown has been so busy as we have spent the whole time renovating it. 

What are the positive personal changes that you've experienced over the past year?

I feel like the pandemic has brought out the kindness in everyone. There has been a strong sense of togetherness, which is so lovely. Of course, it has been horrific for so many people and we have all been affected by it. But there have been so many people doing so many good things. 

What are you most hopeful about for the year ahead?

I have a new spring/summer dress collection and a swimwear range coming out in the summer, plus new lace tablecloths. I am also about to shoot my new book Faded Glamour - Seaside. So I am looking forward to this year.

How do you maintain your daily balance?

Before lockdown I swam at a local health club every day, which I miss so much. But I still manage to meditate every morning and walk my dogs at least an hour every day.

How does CBD fit into your daily routine and how has it particularly supported you during lockdown?

CBD has been an integral part of my daily lockdown routine. I have suffered from insomnia for many years now, but when I take a few drops of LIGHTS OUT CBD drops, I am able to sleep really well and I don't wake up feeling groggy in the morning.

Do you have any other bedtime routine tips to share?

A lavender oil bath with scented candles, a cardamom oat milk drink and a good book. And no screens! 

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