Self Care For Your Hair With Centred.

We speak with CENTRED founder, Laura Tudor, about stress, its impact and how to manage it. CENTRED create high-performing, natural hair care, scalp care and nutrition products that aim to improve the wellbeing of their community and counteract the affects that stress has on your hair, body and mind. They call it, ‘self care for your hair’.
Centred full set of hair care products with Apothem Labs Day CBD oil.

Can you tell us about why you started CENTRED?

After experiencing hair loss due to stress, I began the journey of recovering my hair. I’m married to award-winning hair stylist Kieran Tudor, and between us we were really disappointed by the lack of natural products on the market as well as their poor performance. So, we decided to create a complete collection of high-performing, natural products that really worked and would help to undo the damage that stress can cause to hair. 

What is the link between experiencing stress and hair loss?

When it comes to hair growth, stress can be really detrimental. Especially long-term emotional stress, such as anxiety, which can wreak havoc on the hair growth cycle, causing hair to become dry, brittle, thin, and even lead to hair loss.

Hormones that are released due to stress essentially prime the body for action. In this process the body diverts blood flow and nutrients to more vital organs and tissues, which can cause hair follicles to enter their resting and shedding phase prematurely. This kind of hair loss is temporary, as new hairs will eventually grow back, however many people live with prolonged stress, which keeps this triggering process going.

This is why stress management and creating ways of reducing stress are so important. Self-care is a wonderful tool for relaxing whilst also shifting your mindset in to a more positive and loving perspective. 

How have you managed stress historically?

To be completely honest, I’ve really struggled dealing with stress in the past. In 2017 I experienced burnout. The physical signs were exhaustion and my hair falling out. I had spent too long prioritising a career in the fashion industry whilst neglecting my own wellbeing. Something was eventually going to give. However, I’m actually so grateful that I had this experience, as it was a wake up call for me that I had my priorities all wrong. 

I had always had an interest in alternative forms of medicine, so began to introduce supplements to my diet and began practicing yoga and meditation regularly. During this time I found that using APOTHEM DAY CBD oil really helped to reduce my anxiety, calmed my nervous system, and improved my sleep whilst Lion’s Mane Mushroom extract really helped me mentally too. I would say to anyone feeling a little stressed and frazzled to try using CBD. In a very short space of time it really changed my state of mind, and I felt generally much less stressed. For me though, the biggest lesson I learned was to love myself and that it’s not in any way selfish to take good care and invest in my own health, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

What makes CENTRED different to other hair care products?

We truly believe that great hair starts with self-care. That means that through the act of caring for the self in order to create optimum wellbeing, your best hair will grow. 

Our collection is designed to give you the easiest route to your healthiest hair. Simple acts of self-care like taking our Tender Love & Hair Supplement and applying our En-Root Scalp Treatment can help you create mindful moments that over time, will help to transform you, your hair and your scalp.

You talk a lot about skincare for your scalp, can you tell us a little bit more about this concept?

Our philosophy is all about treating the scalp like skin because ultimately it is a continuation of the skin of your face. Whilst most people have various products and a whole routine for their face, they only really use one product (shampoo) and give little thought to the scalp. Many problems with hair start at the scalp, too. So, by cultivating scalp health, hair will inevitably flourish too. Our hero product is designed to be the simplest and easiest way to care for your scalp correctly. We use skincare-grade ingredients like Salicylic Acid alongside essential oils such as Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree to exfoliate the skin of the scalp. This removes dead skin and other impurities that can detriment hair growth, whilst also stimulating blood circulation for healthy hair growth and rebalancing moisture levels, leaving the scalp well balanced and nourished. 

We love that you include an extract from our favourite plant in your scalp treatment! Cannabis Sativa oil in your scalp treatment! Why do you include Cannabis Sativa oil in your Scalp Treatment? 

Hemp seed oil is hugely beneficial to the skin of the scalp, helping to create the ideal base for healthy hair to growth. Rich in polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help to regulate the sebum layer on the scalp and reduce inflammation. We are absolutely fascinated by the hemp plant in general and all its amazing uses. Science is beginning to catch up and validate why indigenous cultures have used plants like hemp for thousands of years.


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