At APOTHEM we‘ve always made it our mission to set a new standard in CBD UK products, from CBD oil to CBD balms and creams. It's important to us that we only share accurate information based on real science, so we ran a consumer trial on DAY CBD OIL DROPS to ensure we could talk credibly about the potential benefits of our signature CBD oil product. 


DAY CBD OIL DROPS were made to bring a feeling of calm and balance to you, whenever you need it. We’ve always believed in the benefits of CBD oil and its ability to make a real difference to people's lives, so by gaining further insights into this therapeutic elixir with some consumer testing, we are able to talk with more certainty about the benefits that people may experience from CBD oil. 

Our customers can have confidence knowing that our CBD products have been tested to the highest standards. Not just for their CBD content or lack of THC, but also for their effectiveness. Introducing the consumer trial with our purest formulation, DAY CBD DROPS.


The consumer trial, with 171 participants, ran over 14 days. The participants were split into three groups: regular CBD oil users, occasional CBD oil users and those who’d never used CBD oil before. These three groups were then split into two more groups: morning use and evening use. Yes – you can use DAY CBD OIL DROPS anytime, day or night. We wanted to use this opportunity to find out if the different ways people use our CBD oil affects the benefits of CBD oil.


Our trial was thorough and focussed on identifying the potential benefits of CBD oil. It didn’t take us long to see that it was all worth it.

  • 82% of users felt less stressed after using DAY CBD OIL DROPS
  • 80% of users felt DAY CBD OIL DROPS improved their day to day wellbeing
  • 91% of users would use DAY CBD OIL DROPS on a daily basis
  • 79% of users who took DAY CBD OIL DROPS felt their mood was more regulated
  • 94% of users felt DAY CBD OIL DROPS were easy to incorporate into their daily routine
  • 89% of regular CBD users felt that APOTHEM's DAY CBD DROPS regulated their mood


    It goes without saying that we’re extremely proud of our DAY CBD DROPS and have been humbled by the positive testimonials we received at the end of the trial:

    “I could feel myself relaxing from the inside out, really incredible product.”

    “Since this trial I’ve been sleeping so much better - thank you!”

    “Have admittedly fallen in love with Apothem”

    “This is a MUST have product to keep our anxiety in check”

    “It takes the ‘deep breath’ and the ‘step back’ for me and helps me deal with situations easier.”

    “Taking a few moments to myself to recalibrate has had such a positive impact on how I navigate the day.”

    Whilst this trial demonstrated the different benefits of CBD that people may experience, everyone is different. You might not experience the same effects from CBD as someone else. It’s all about finding out what works best for you, be it CBD oil or CBD topical products (e.g. CBD balm, CBD cream etc.).  Discover more about how CBD works with your body in our story about the Endocannabinoid System and CBD.


    Your voice matters, so please do let us know how you’re getting on with any of your APOTHEM CBD products by dming us on Instagram or sending an email to And if you haven’t tried any of our CBD products yet, let us know why! We’re here to help you find your natural calm.

    DAY CBD OIL DROPS are made with pure Cannabidiol Isolate extracted from hemp blended with organic MCT oil. This premium CBD oil has been formulated to fit into your lifestyle and help you find your own personal sense of calm, day or night. Available now in two sizes, 15ml and 60ml, so you can take your CBD oil on-the-go and have a solid supply at home.