THE INDIE "WIND-DOWN" EDIT for restful sleep

With the lines fully blurred between work, home and everything in between, it’s time to reclaim The Wind-Down.

In this edit, we’re crushing on some amazing independent brands that help us let go of the day and make the most of the cosy winter nights.

Hopefully you discover some new brands in this guide and find inspiration for a dreamy gift for yourself or a loved one. 

When you support independent brands, you're giving twice with every gift - your business means so much to us and our friends featured below.

Cheers to the The Wind-Down.


We can’t live without Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse our space and help clear stagnant energy. Like CBD, not all Palo Santo is created equal, and St Palo is one of the most sustainable (and friendliest!) brands we’ve discovered.


LAND makes the best chocolate just down the road from APOTHEM. We are huge fans as they’re all about pure, quality ingredients and the Drinking Chocolate is literally the most blissful moment to enjoy at the end of a long day.


Kill the lights and fire up the candles. Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us and Evermore London is a sustainable, natural candle brand with some serious style as well as substance.

The mind isn’t always ready for bed when the body is, so our wind-down go-to is always a few drops of LIGHTS OUT CBD OIL sleep drops then a read of a good book while the calming botanicals and CBD get to work on quietening the mind and letting go of the day.

Last stop before sleep and this is what we’re reaching for. Not your average pillow spray, Palm of Ferronia infuses chamomile water with calming crystals and enriches with soothing natural sedative essential oils. Pure bliss.


If you’re looking for extra inspiration to support independent businesses check out some more APOTHEM Indie Loves:

  • Faace - the epic face masks that the whole team gets excited about! Uncomplicated and results-driven, we love how straight to the point these masks are.
  • She’s Lost Control - if you’re into crystals, full moons, or a conscious lifestyle then this is the go-to. Only good vibes found in this range of wellness and lifestyle goods with purpose.
  • Grace and Thorn - London’s coolest florist (delivers UK-wide). We love the dried flower jar arrangements and their gift selection is always on point.

And for more CBD UK products to help relax and unwind, visit our Sleep collection.