The RECHARGE Clinical Trial

When we created RECHARGE, we felt that it could make a real difference in people’s lives. By carrying out this clinical trial, we've proven RECHARGE’s ability to relieve joint stiffness and muscle tension. 

RECHARGE has been formulated to include age-old tension-easing botanicals Arnica, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, alongside Magnesium, and our hero ingredient CBD. We knew that we’d developed something pretty special, but you can’t just take our word for it, so we decided to get scientific.  

The importance of trialling products

In an emerging industry such as CBD, proving the efficacy of the products is incredibly important. It lets the customer know that what they’re using has been tried and tested. One of best and most reliable ways to do this is by carrying out independent, third-party clinical trials where those taking part are blind tested, so they don’t know what product they’re using. For everyone at Apothem, clinical trials are really important, so late last year we carried one out on our cream-gel RECHARGE.

What the study involved

This study was carried out over 14 days with 52 participants. Each person had to work out at least three times a week and use RECHARGE afterwards. Everyone was then assessed in clinical conditions (a controlled, clinical environment) at several points throughout the trial to properly test the effects. Even though as a team we've been loving it for months, we wanted to see how effective RECHARGE was for soothing everyday tensions and aches, especially after working out.

The results were impressive…

99% agreed that RECHARGE contributed to the help of sports recovery when applied with massage.

99% agreed that RECHARGE promotes muscle relaxation in combination with massage.

99% agreed that RECHARGE helps relax muscles through massage.

99% agreed that RECHARGE relaxes muscle tension.

99% agreed RECHARGE can help aid recovery after physical exertion.

99% agreed that they had greater ease of movement after using RECHARGE.

99% agreed that RECHARGE helps relieve muscle fatigue.

99% agreed that RECHARGE helps increase joint mobility.

What does this all mean?

It’s no secret that it’s difficult to talk about CBD products and what they can do. Now we can shout about how effective RECHARGE truly is. It’s one thing when you really believe a product works, and it’s another when the product’s effectiveness has been clinically proven.

With its unique combination of hardworking CBD and soothing botanicals, RECHARGE is our go-to for relieving areas of tension and weariness. RECHARGE isn’t just for the post workout relief, it’s brilliant at alleviating everyday stiffness and tension wherever it crops up. Available now in 100ml.