date: 18 June 2020

From the hemp farm to the CBD oil on your shelf, we’ve made sure that there are no compromises on quality. When it comes to our products, we take our time to ensure our customers can trust us to consistently produce functional and effective formulas with a clear purpose.



Our CBD supplier goes above and beyond to create CBD that doesn’t just meet industry standards, it sets them.

By partnering and supporting seasoned organic farming communities, our supplier ensures that the first – and most important – component of our CBD, the hemp, is top quality and organically cultivated. Their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified extraction facility continues this, taking the hemp and using clean, well-researched processes to produce a CBD isolate that is free from pesticides, heavy metals and any residual solvents.



From DROPS to BODYCARE, we’ve made sure that there are no compromises on design, quality and consistency from batch to batch.  In an industry without strict regulation - this really matters.  We don’t white-label anything!  Haley, our head of product, continues to work with leading experts, from aromatherapists and botanists to cannabis experts, to understand exactly how we continue to achieve this and meet our own strict production criteria. We only work with accredited partners and suppliers to ensure the integrity of our production and ingredients is, and always has been, paramount.



One of the most important aspects of ensuring our products are as good as we want them to be, is analytics. We independently test all of our finished products before anything goes on sale - every batch.  We don’t just expect you to take our word for it either, we hold certificates of analysis for all of our products and batches.  We are also proud to say all our entire range is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.



At Apothem, we’re truly inspired by the restorative power of the hemp plant and we believe education is key. We’ve made sure that everyone at Apothem has a solid understanding of CBD with a commitment to keep training and sharing our knowledge whenever we can.

With some much misinformation out there, we decided to create rigorously researched educational content that aims to distil fear and apprehension about cannabis. We are working to bring this to our community via social media and our editorial features because we want you to know the facts and fall in love too. Have a look at the first of our short guides on hemp here.