Why we love RECHARGE CBD cream for relief


RECHARGE CBD cream – it’s a firm team favourite. It smells delicious and delivers a cooling sensation on the skin to help target areas of tension and give our overworked bodies some much needed relief and recovery support. We formulated the purest cannabidiol (CBD) with hard-working plant botanicals such as repairing ARNICA, antioxidant GREEN TEA and soothing MAGNESIUM into a luxurious cream gel.

How do topical CBD products work?

Many people turn to topical CBD products for a more targeted effect when they are looking for relief from tension or inflammation. It works by absorbing through the skin’s transdermal layer and studies show that it has anti-inflammatory effects. Local penetration into the skin occurs, which promotes skin health and, in medical terms, can provide some analgesia to underlying painful, inflamed joints. If you’d like to know more about how CBD works with your body, check out our blog post about the endocannabinoid system.

What makes RECHARGE CBD cream the perfect relief for tired, aching or tight limbs?

As well as CBD and repairing botanicals, RECHARGE also includes naturally cooling MENTHOL to deliver a cooling sensation, making it an ideal muscle rub for either pre- or post-workout. The use of temperature to ease aching and tired muscles has been around for centuries. It works by temporarily changing blood flow to a particular area, which can help reduce swelling and inflammation. 

Tried and tested benefits of CBD

We were so confident in the power of our RECHARGE formula that we conducted a clinical trial. More than 50 people were assessed in a controlled environment throughout the trial to ensure the efficacy of our CBD product and it garnered some pretty amazing results. After 28 days, 98% of people agreed that RECHARGE CBD cream gel relaxes muscle tension. You can dive deeper into the RECHARGE CBD Cream trial results in our blog post here or read on to discover some different ways that the APOTHEM team love to use RECHARGE to experience CBD benefits.


Amelia:  Before a yoga class I like to massage RECHARGE into my shoulders as a CBD muscle balm, as that’s where I tend to hold all my tension. As I get moving and my body warms up, I can feel the relieving benefits even more. There’s also the added bonus of the fresh scent of eucalyptus and menthol throughout the practice!

Georgie: During my time of the month, I like to use CBD cream on my lower stomach. I’ve always suffered with bad periods and I find it helps my cramps be much more manageable. Paired with some DAY CBD oil drops too, I personally notice a big difference.

Haley: At the moment I’m rubbing RECHARGE it into my neck and base of my head to ease tension and aches throughout the day as I haven’t quite gotten my working from home posture down yet.

Bekah: I tend to use topical CBD for back pain. Thankfully it’s usually pretty mild but I have some stubborn knots that like to flare up, so using RECHARGE CBD cream with my massage balls to roll out and release the muscle tension usually works a treat.