We've got high STANDARDS

We’re here to set a new standard in CBD and we plan on taking the industry with us. So, what does that mean for you?

It means the products we create using CBD with botanicals are setting new standards in purity and strength, because we know this is where the power of these ancient, magical plants can really be found. It means us pushing boundaries in the industry so that standards get higher – and this benefits everyone. It means creating luxurious products which are free from sulphates, pesticides and heavy metals and manufactured to Good Manufacturing Standards.

What’s more, all of our products are vegan, organically cultivated, cruelty free and listed on the EU cosmetic notification portal meaning we’re committed to keeping you safe in the knowledge that our products are made with exactly what we say they are.

Botanical Synergy

We’re passionate about the combined power of botanical components working in synergy with each other to create something completely new. Whilst CBD is an active ingredient in all of our products, we're obsessed with the benefits of botanical extracts too. Our experience in plant benefits, aromatherapy and cannabis means we are devoted to creating and blending all of our own unique formulas to develop beautiful products that we believe will make a difference in setting the new standard. We have carefully sourced and selected all of our botanical plant extracts to complement the CBD ensuring every single ingredient in our collection is there for a reason and designed to work in harmony with each other.

We're cultivators too

We always wanted to grow our own hemp outdoors because we believe everything should be connected so setting the new standard in farming where everything starts is important too. It keeps us close to nature and so we are proud to have nurtured our very own seeds to harvest our first EU-registered crop of hemp in the sunny hills of Southern Spain.