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Promotional Terms & Conditions

Promotion terms and conditions apply. Any order is subject to the terms and conditions on our webpage for the purchase of products from us. Code will apply the stated percentage % discount on the total order value, (not including any sales tax/VAT and not including any delivery costs). This discount code cannot be used in association with any other promotions or offers.  The discount code shall expire according to the promotion after which if it has not been used, it will not be valid. Apothem Labs shall have no liability for any failure by you to be able to actually use the discount code, including for any failure on any communications or other system or inability to complete the payment with any payment processor, or because of any lack of stock to use it as against. The code can only be used for actual products provided by Apothem Labs on its website which are supplied by Apothem Labs and not for any third-party products and services.  It is not valid to be used for any services or other treatments which Apothem Labs may provide. The discount code cannot be used in any store or concession which Apothem Labs provides its stock and may only be used on the Apothem Labs website for products displayed on that website. We reserve the right to end any discount promotion before the stated expiry date.