APOTHEM is built on honesty and quality. We don’t do confusing information or uninspiring products. We have the highest standards for strength and purity because we know this is where the power of plants can really be found.

Everything we make is vegan and cruelty-free, using the best quality hemp with zero THC, and all of our products are free from sulphates, pesticides and heavy metals. APOTHEM CBD products are produced to Good Manufacturing Standards and we’re also listed on the EU cosmetic notification portal so you can trust what’s in every product.

Here you’ll find a new industry standard of CBD, one that always keeps your health and safety in mind. All of our formulas are original and developed in our lab by a diverse team of experts. We also triple-check the potency and purity of our products with rigorous and independent testing protocols before, during and after production.

Creating our innovative CBD and botanical blends is no easy task. High standards, relentless testing and a refusal to never compromise on quality and purity means that it takes time and precision to produce each product in the range. Find out more about our step by step process.
1. Quality Hemp

We take hemp seriously. All of the hemp we use follows strict criteria to ensure it’s free from pesticides, toxins, microbial contamination, and is vegan, kosher-certified and non-GMO.

2. GMP Certified Lab.

Our CBD is produced in a GMP certified lab that adheres to strict levels of compliance. This means that the entire process – from hemp to final product – has been thoroughly inspected and audited by a third-party certification program. This process means the lab has a GMP certification from a recognised governing body.

3. Extracting The CBD.

Turning hemp into CBD isolate requires a simple but important process. We use isopropyl alcohol ethanol to extract the cannabinoids and isolate them into a concentrated oil. The oil is then carefully separated using a number of purification processes. The result? A golden-coloured oil ready for the next stage.

4. Perfecting Our CBD Isolate.

The next stage is to convert the oil to pure CBD crystals called CBD isolate. This is done by dissolving the oil in different solutions at high temperatures. This process removes the other compounds found in the Hemp plant, including THC. The refined solution is then rapidly cooled into crystals, which are then filtered and milled into a pure CBD isolate powder.

5. Testing and Analysis.

Once we have our CBD isolate, it’s tested by independent labs to verify its purity. This is important as it confirms that it’s totally THC-free and contains no heavy metals or residual solvents. It’s only when each batch is approved that it's ready to go into our formulations. Our products are then brought to life in our UK lab.

6. Compliance and Control.

Our final products are tested by accredited and independent FDA certified labs. We’re committed to keeping you safe in the knowledge that our products are made with exactly what we say they are.

7. Consumer Testing.

We want our community to trust our products. This is why we conduct consumer trials, conducted by independent third parties. It’s not just about innovation, we care about what you think and want to ensure that we design and formulate the best products for you.

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